A Second Helping of Murder and Recipes

The sequel to Hot Dish Heaven: A Murder Mystery with Recipes, A Second Helping of Murder and Recipes, is now available through bookstores, gift shops, libraries, and on Amazon. If not in stock, ask that it be ordered.

Publisher North Star Press released the first book in this humorous mystery series last summer to good reviews and strong sales. Hot Dish Heaven: A Murder Mystery with Recipes quickly became a book club favorite, with members often discussing the story while sharing hot dish, Jell-O, and bars made from the recipes in the book. “In some instances, book clubs came together to read the book and then discuss it at a community-wide pot lucks that featured hot dish and Jell-O. I was invited to several of those events, from Wahpeton to St. Cloud, and even at the College of St. Ben’s. We always ate well and laughed hard.”

The first book was picked as a good summertime read by the Fargo Forum and was featured in Mpls.-St. Paul Magazine and the Minneapolis StarTribune, as well as on numerous Midwest television and radio shows. But its appeal wasn’t limited to the Midwest. By Thanksgiving 2013, it had hit number one in national sales on Amazon in the rural humor category. “People from around the country told me it reminded them of life in their small town, regardless of where that was. In the story, they found humor, yet warmth, and that’s exactly what I was going for. After all, I love rural life. But, at the same time, I don’t think we should take ourselves too seriously.”

As for the second book, which sells for $14.95 plus tax, Jeanne won’t share much other than to say that the murder victim is found at a beet piler. And while this story stands on its own, many characters from the first book make a return, including Margie Johnson, the owner of the fictitious Hot Dish Heaven café. “This time around Margie is trying to broaden her culinary horizons,” Jeanne said, “so the recipes offered in the book are a bit more sophisticated—or, at least, different. For example, the reader will find recipes for sauerkraut hot dish, pudding shots, and beef fudge. That’s right—beef fudge. They’ll also find the names of the actual people who supplied me—or, rather, Margie—with those recipes.”