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Jeanne's KARE11 Interview at the State Fair

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Jeanne stopped by the KARE Barn to discuss her book and share a few recipes; everybody's favorite, Tater-Tot Hot Dish, and Snicker Salad. Yes, you read that right, Snicker Salad!

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Jeanne's News @ Noon Interview on WJON

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This Wednesday Jeanne was interviewed by Jim Maurice for the WJON radio program News @ Noon. You can listen to the interview on WJON's site here. In the interview Jeanne explains where the recipes in the book came from and how the book came to be.

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Hester's Favorite Jell-O on Fox9

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Jeanne was on the Fox9 Morning Show this week, discussing Hot Dish Heaven, and explaining how to make a few recipes from the book. Watch this segment to see how to make "Hester's Favorite Jell-O."

Read the full recipe Fox9's website here.

In the October 22nd issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jeanne talks about her plans for continuing work on the Hot Dish Heaven series after her retirement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Minneapolis, as well as some of the highlights of her 28 plus year career as its director of community relations.

Read the full story on the Star Tribune site here.

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MPR Blog Interview

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Laura Yuen interviews Jeanne about her upcoming retirement, the writing of “Hot Dish Heaven: A Murder Mystery with Recipes,” and future plans.

Read full article on MPR's site here.

Jeanne Cooney

Jeanne Cooney

Jeanne is the author of the Hot Dish Heaven Mystery Series. She lives and writes in Northern Minnesota.

Learn more about Jeanne here.

Hot Dish Heaven Mysteries


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Ole & Lena Jokes

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    Like most Norwegians, Ole, a professional fisherman, was pretty dang frugal. But when his wife, Lena, passed away, he reckoned Read More
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