Need to please a crowd? Here's the prefect hot dish recipe for you!

Easy hot dish you can make the night before.

Zingy beef hot dish, thanks to sauerkraut.

Make full-size or mini versions of these rich chocolate treats.

One day, Ole was driving along, when he got hit by a truck. He sued. And, in court, the truck driver's lawyer questioned his claim. "Ole, didn't you say to the state tropper at the time of the accident that you were fine?"

Ole replied, "Well, I’ll tell ya what happened dare. See, I’d just loaded my favorite cow, Bessie, into da--"

A delicious bar option for those who cannot eat gluten.

A twist on the standard rhubarb pie.

A great summer time recipe, when peaches are in season.

A classic lemon meringue pie recipe.

A great contrast of flavors, the tang of cream cheese with the richness of banana.

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Jeanne Cooney

Jeanne Cooney

Jeanne is the author of the Hot Dish Heaven Mystery Series. She lives and writes in Northern Minnesota.

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Hot Dish Heaven Mysteries


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    “True Minnesotans will immediately recognize Cooney's references to the Red River Valley, Ole and Lena, and that 'Minneapolis paper.' But Read More
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Ole & Lena Jokes

  • Lena's Obituary +

    Like most Norwegians, Ole, a professional fisherman, was pretty dang frugal. But when his wife, Lena, passed away, he reckoned Read More
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