Lena’s Obituary

Like most Norwegians, Ole, a professional fisherman, was pretty dang frugal. But when his wife, Lena, passed away, he reckoned he better put an obituary in the paper.

So after fishin’ one day, he went on down there to the newspaper office and told the editor to write that Lena had died. Well, the editor said, “Oh, for land sake, Ole, ya gotta say more than that. Ya were married to the woman for dang near fifty years, and she was your partner in the fishin’ business.” Still, Ole kept quiet, so the editor said, “Now, if it’s the money you’re worried about, Ole, don’t forget that the first five words of any obituary are free.” Now, of course, that got old, tightwad Ole tinkin’, and soon he said, “Well, in that case, write, ‘Lena died; walleye on sale.’”

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