Join Jeanne Cooney and the Carlos Creek Winery, makers of a variety of fine wine, including Hot Dish Red, You Betcha Blush, and Wobegon White, and originators of the petition idea, as they strive to make Hot Dish the Official Food of the State of Minnesota. Visit the this page to sign the petition. Or sign the petition in person at one of Jeanne's upcoming events.

The sequel to Hot Dish Heaven: A Second Helping of Murder and Recipes, A Second Helping of Murder and Recipes, is now available through bookstores, gift shops, libraries, and on Amazon. If not in stock, ask that it be ordered.

It all began with hot dish. That’s right, hot dish.

Minneapolis cub newspaper reporter Emerald Malloy is assigned to gather “church food” recipes from the owner of Hot Dish Heaven, a café in Kennedy, Minnesota, a town of 193 in the Red River Valley, just south of Canada.


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    "Hot Dish Heaven is chockablock full of Garrison Keillor type characters and tasty Midwest flavor. Ms. Cooney’s novel, complete with Read More
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    “True Minnesotans will immediately recognize Cooney's references to the Red River Valley, Ole and Lena, and that 'Minneapolis paper.' But Read More
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    Like most Norwegians, Ole, a professional fisherman, was pretty dang frugal. But when his wife, Lena, passed away, he reckoned Read More
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