Funny Dolls

A lady at the Olympics asked Ole, “Are you a pole vaulter?” Very offended, Ole replied, “No I’m Norwegian, and my name ain’t Valter.” Submitted by Julie Lindegard

Lena’s Obituary

Man in Woods Wearing Plaid

Like most Norwegians, Ole, a professional fisherman, was pretty dang frugal. But when his wife, Lena, passed away, he reckoned he better put an obituary in the paper. So after fishin’ one day, he went on down there to the newspaper office and told the editor to write that Lena had died. Well, the editor […]

Ole’s Accident

Big Gnome

One day, Ole was driving along, when he got hit by a truck. He sued. And, in court, the truck driver’s lawyer questioned his claim. “Ole, didn’t you say to the state tropper at the time of the accident that you were fine?” Ole replied, “Well, I’ll tell ya what happened dare. See, I’d just […]